Monday, September 28, 2020

A Word Before We Continue

I have to tell you something very strange, but a very WELCOMING surprise!

So far, I had written two posts since I first created this new blog you're reading now -- completely INSPIRED by the Holy SPIRIT of God.

And this is what I found:

1. Upon pressing the "Publish" button after writing, and editing my posts, some phrases turned out to have LARGER fonts.

I honestly don't know how that happened.

Perhaps, it has something to do with algorithms and such?

But this is the second thing I found, and this is where the unwitting SURPRISE came in:

2. Those with LARGER fonts seems to be what NEEDED to be EMPHASIZED anyway.

Who am I to questions the WAYS of SPIRIT?

Being completely obedient to the prompts and ways of God, you know what I did?

I left it as God wanted it to be.

After all, God is the DESIGNER of my blog.

And His WORDS are the main feature of my blog.

Who am I to tamper with a good, GOD Thing?

I merely enjoyed the "creation" of God!

I never know what will show up next.

Now, to see how this article turns out after I hit the "Publish" button...

Here are the two articles I spoke of:

"Why Did Jesus Have to Die?"

"Who Says JESUS is the SON of GOD?"

30 September 2020 update:

Here are the rest of the articles -- 2020 articles -- see for yourself how GOD is so MARVELOUS! Note the phrases He "emphasizes", in LARGER fonts. God is really "designer" of this blog!

What Makes God Angry?

  What elicits God's wrath and disgust? According to Scripture, the things mentioned below are abominations to God. If we love God with ...